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Oracle is rolled out " changeover namely can be economical " migratory plan
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Oracle is rolled out " change namely can be economical " migratory plan

[get together outstanding net solution] Oracle is rolled out " changeover namely can be economical " migratory plan   on April 1, oracle company holds phone meeting, inside global limits synchronism rolls out version of Java of Oracle9i application server, this action will enlarge the product line of platform of Oracle foundation framework further, enhance Oracle to be in an enterprise the actual strength of class market.

New the Java version that roll out includes enterprise user all technologies of application of Java of rapid development, deploy and Web service need, include an application server and environment of a compositive development, have complete development and deploy capacity, use at trading website of service of business application, Web, dynamic Web and electron trade to apply downstage.

Oracle company Oracle9i applies ministry of server science and technology to carry out vice-president Charles Rozwat to express, java version price is provider of tool of a lot of software only 1/7 of congener solution. Oracle9i application server still has standard edition and enterprise edition, new although the version price that roll out is low, but it is a package of whole company level software, its function and function have powerful competition ability.

Oracle returned synchronism to roll out " changeover namely can be economical " (Switch And Save) migratory plan, the hope can adopt second plan, help more user is migratory arrive new version of released Java of Oracle9i application server.

In addition, oracle still offers version of free Java of Oracle9i application server for independent software vendor built-in licence.