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The solution that terminal of tide WIN2000 SERVER serves (go up)
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The solution that terminal of tide WIN2000 SERVER serves (on)

[get together outstanding net solution] the solution that terminal of tide WIN2000 SERVER serves (on)   1. Old computer room is transformed
Current, still a lot of schools and enterprise still have the computer of the low configuration of large quantities of quantities, they are mostly 486 or 586, can run WIN95 or WIN98 only. The applied process that is based on development of WIN2000 operating system cannot move on these old computers, serious obstacle of the development of multimedia education and office environment upgrade.

2. Service enterprise
As the further progress of network times, more and more services enterprise can build environment of his job of local area network to get used to the demand of different application. For example: Hospital, guesthouse, supermarket and all sorts of travel places. In environment of this kind of application, each terminal need to convey information to server end only, and do not need to carry memory data in the client. Configure one Taiwan businessman to be able to create resource waste with PC for each terminal.

3. Intelligent village
As the arrival of information age, building intelligent village had been development business indispensable in intense competition counter. It is however in village construction, how can fall the cost that builds village network to lowest namely, assure oneself benefit, can make whole network system more stable again, manage easily, satisfy the requirement of the user?
Terminal of Windows 2000 Server serves the standard component that is Windows 2000 Server, installed what we weigh the server that terminal of Windows 2000 Server serves to be server of Windows 2000 terminal. Windows2000 terminal server carries long-range desktop agreement (Remote Desktop Protocol) carry communication with each Windows clients, the client carries client of moving Windows Terminal to carry software to log onto visit terminal server remotely, share the resource of the server. After client end logs onto terminal server, can undertake operating on the server, the applied process on moving server, take up its hard disk reachs other hardware resource (card of processor, memory, net) . Client end needs to be inputted through clavier mouse only, monitor output, user all inputs are sent server processing, the result that the server handles, show the monitor that carries in the client to go up through the network.

In the system that is based on CLIENT/SERVER in this kind, uses applied program is installed and move in terminal server to carry, taller to server configuration requirement, we choose tide flower to believe NL100T. This server configured memory of the processor of Tualatin 1.26G/512K of double P Ⅲ , biggest 4G and 9 heat to unplug insert chamfer of SCSI hard disk, because this is had,exceed strong data processing and memory capacity. The demand that applied server can differ according to the user selects different server product.
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