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Founder Internet hookup stands solution
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Station of Founder Internet hookup solution

[get together outstanding net solution] Founder Internet hookup stands solution Founder science and technology uses an issue in the light of IT education, developed the station of Founder Internet hookup that applies to Internet education extremely technically, be in already successfully countrywide middle and primary school " school officer is connected " northwest of project Shaanxi, Gansu Province, Xinjiang is 3 provinces and area of Shanghai Xu Hui, static undertook applied in the multimedia classroom that brings a district.

Get the favour of so many client, the reason is teaching a domain to having very rich experience at Founder science and technology not only, still depend on Founder science and technology catchs up with the applied pace that educates an user, ceaseless development gives the product that the technology that suits client application precedes with tall sex valence is compared and plan.

Current, IT education has become the main courses of middle and primary school, the content of IT education basically is the skill that browses on all sorts of use computer of student teaching practice, software and net, and the teacher and student that one of main application of multimedia network classroom have IT course namely. But in numerous school, IT education is existing a few more the following outstanding issue:

Of 1) , student cannot accuse, bring about the fall of education quality

The education means nowadays already gradually by before engraft type education to lead type education change, the student develops more subjective activity in the process lieutenant general of education, this needs a teacher to to learning process of the student very good control just does not cause the content that student deviate learns, especially the teacher and student that Internet uses. Because the content of Internet is very rich, and can be very easy between the website switch, if incorrect in education student visits Internet to have effective restriction, can bring about a student to browse the content beyond education, there are a lot of bad newses on Internet especially, if the student visits these information, not only deviate education train of thought of the teacher, bring about the fall of education quality, and the health of body and mind that still can be born to middle and primary school causes serious effect.

2) , Internet visit rate is slow, affect education plan

Learning use Internet is a of IT education serious content, before our teaching method basically has two kinds, the first kind is pure book education, student of this kind of means lacks real operation, education effect is not ideal; The 2nd kind of method is to make a student actual visit Internet, student of this kind of means can have real operation, but the Internet exit bandwidth of the school is normally lesser, what can cause a visit is crowded, student visit is slow, affect the plan of education badly.
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