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Unisys is based on solution of Win Server 2003
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Unisys is based on Win Server 2003 solution

[get together outstanding net solution] Unisys is based on solution of Win Server 2003 to come for years, unisys helps the client of more than 100 countries, apply latest technology to overcome a challenge, master business chance, in the remain invincible in global economy environment. Unisys whole world is had 37, the expert with 000 firm and persistent and center of dye-in-the-wood, technology, persistent originality helps enterprise and government, apply newest information technology to improve its competition ability, make its technology investment can get the largest pay is led.

Unisys offerred rich enterprise solution, seek advice from conformity of service, system by adviser, appoint outside the expert of the respect such as service, fundamental framework service and information safety is gotten army, the company level servo with banner union implement with the technology. We include financial service, traffic to carry in main and perpendicular market of the whole world, telegraphic communication / media, commerce and governmental public sector.

From inside the partner of a lot of whole world great reputations, microsoft will 2002 award of global year partner (Global Services Partner Of The Year Award) promulgated Unisys.

Microsoft affirms the excellent performance of Unisys with the special honour of global partner, this special honour is the obverse side that gives according to place of stuff of branch of each district of Microsoft whole world affirms. Representing Unisys likewise offerring course of Microsoft high-ranking company the commitment that solution place makes and proof. Why can be Unisys obtained promulgate this special honour? Because employee of Microsoft each district is on the appraise through comparison that creates value for the client, we won out. More important is, we surmounted partner of before industry 5 big etc, show itself from which.

Unisys is integrated the software with powerful function, strong put oneself in another's position, satellite supports even line, multilateral language, the solution that passes test, with outstanding technology staff, offer annual not to have resting global service for the client. The professional of Unisys all passes a lot of important attestation, exceed 100 countries in the whole world in, serve to provide client base framework.

Unisys is having thousands of expert that passes Microsoft attestation in the whole world, we are having rigorous training course, can progress in order to ensure together with the most advanced Windows technology forever. In addition, we have thousands of hep Microsoft on high-ranking technology, network and desk model the professional engineer of computer, the case that still elder case manages a group to devote oneself to to invite every client can succeed. The technical center that we set complete technology staff to assist (Technology Center) and efficiency lab (Performance Laboratory) , platform of use Microsoft enterprise is offerred for the client help as decisive as maximize enterprise technology.
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