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Solution of network exam system
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The network takes an exam systematic solution

[get together outstanding net solution] teacher of requirement of exam of tradition of solution of network exam system cuts examination paper, imprint exam of examination paper, arrangement, invigilate, collect examination paper, judge correct examination paper of examination paper of examination paper, comment and appraise and analysis. This is an endless and complex process, already the need of more and more incommensurate contemporary education. Network exam system is traditional examination room is outspread, it can use the infinite and vast space of the network, at any time and place have an examination to the student, add database skill use, simplified greatly the process of traditional exam. Because system of this network exam is an electron,change a education is indispensable important segment.

Functional characteristic

Be based on technology of advanced network process designing, move at network of market of; of WINNT4.0/WIN2000 operating system to give problem, online exam, net to go up to be measured oneself, analysis of achievement of real time judge, exam evaluates the large education exam at an organic whole to run a system.

Systematic cent is all sorts of version such as edition of elementary school edition, junior high school, high school edition;

The form that uses easily simply coils guide can make relaxed group goes the teacher examination paper. The online exam that is based on a browser goes to the lavatory to the student is measured oneself and check, the ration that all sorts of perfect evaluation target can realize pair of students, teacher and exam examination questions is analysed, the help teachs division control key, difficulty, directive student efficient study.

1: The system basically coils by intelligent group, server of network examination room, client carries a program 3 parts composition. Teacher and student can undertake inside the environment in campus net or multimedia network classroom group coil and take an exam.

2: Different teacher has different course limits of authority, the teacher can undertake to having the headings in an account book of attributive only group coil to inscribe a library with augment. The user name with student different basis and countersign can attend the exam of corresponding course.

3: Group the examination paper that give can be hit by printer have an examination as paper examination paper, also can attend network exam.

4: Examination paper editor is the same as WORD photograph compatible function is powerful, use easily.

5: Network examination room can train examination paper by examination questions and take an exam formally two kinds of means undertake arranging, can come true advocate the exam of objective problem and AB examination paper.

6: When the system can set phasing to answer to the exam (the examination time that wants to appoint only, place arrangement exam will undertake automatically) have an examination; Also but the hand is moved have an examination, can undertake enforcing closing to coil and coil to check and accept to the student of to take an examination.
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