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HP innovation technology aids DreamWorks to be achieved again brilliant
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HP innovation technology is aided DreamWorks is achieved again brilliant

[get together outstanding net solution] HP innovation technology aids DreamWorks to be achieved again brilliant October 2004, " shark sinister gang " in the favour that a flock of strange marine live thing gained audience of world each district. In film, smooth-tongued Dan Youhuai puts the small fish Oscar of ambitious ideal, film of animation of before still the companions with his disparate individual character make this countless DreamWorks (be like " Shi Ruike of an eccentric person 2 " etc) filmgoer does it dump.

HP innovation technology aids DreamWorks to be achieved again brilliant

This animation film still provided formidable dub battle array, include Weir Smith, Robert De among them case of Qi Wei of · of Ni of Nero, bud, Jackie Black, how. It also is film of animation of first when in Na Jiali Funiya makes complete CG.

The seaweed that sways from gentleness arrives rich and changeful character expression, each detail all without exception is embodying the sophisticated technology that Great Masters of animation of shark sinister gang use meticulously, it Oscar the every little bit of wonderful world behaves the ground lifelike.

Rich digital specially good effect makes marine world coruscate strange smooth extraordinary splendour
HP offerred top-ranking technology, those who helped the art division of DreamWorks and technical staff raise film to make is careful degree, make thereby audience place oneself at a Yi Zhen also the wonderful and marine world of unreal.

HP workstation is " shark sinister gang " provided powerful technical support, the art division that is DreamWorks people the fictitious canvas that offerred to have infinite imagination space. It supports " extruding and drawing " (Squash And Stretch) animation, highlighted the comic effect of film, exaggerative like Picasso the wording and purpose of what one writes metabolic character appearance is same, those who communicate a dramatic image is immanent and idiosyncratic. Second surface scattering can make the light reachs the result with the more actual generation when be being reflexed on all sorts of plants in figure of clothings surface, character. Animation Great Masters were used to character arm, ear and flickering seaweed be in a poor light the effect, make film right of the light apply achieved extremely to.

The high speed graphic card that HP workstation uses can easily apply colours to a drawing is complex setting, processing layout, adjust the light, material to pledge map, character is out of shape with complex graph time put. Appear finally before the audience is the glow cay world that organic biology place forms, look to resemble the city that is a similar new York or Chicago, the host that different is this city is the fish in ocean.
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