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Choice tide NL380 builds long-range education platform
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Choice tide NL380 builds long-range education platform

[get together outstanding net solution] choice tide NL380 builds long-range education platform

One, server demand
My school is a school of foreign language experiment, but incorporate and enlarge recruit students as the school, my school all the time since be in one school the situation of two location, the school attended a meeting the problem of a long-standing. At the same time the school to increase education resource, raise education quality and level, buy and downloaded a lot of English video classes. To solve a few problems above, the school prepares him consideration to build long-range education platform, the classroom on order programme of conference of main implementation video, VOD, net 3 module.

Choice tide NL380 builds long-range education platform

Build system of long-range education platform, professional video server is core equipment, its architecture decided integral character of service of the system. The mainest to professional video server demand is output capacity and open structure. A number that output capacity sheds with intercurrent video normally come magnanimity, of the processing capability that the key is CPU and systematic IO take in and send out in large quantities ability, this parameter restricts systematic whole to serve ability directly; The VOD that we imagine serves a network, in building the applied environment that opening (domestic school is connected) , must maintain the open sex of architecture of professional video server so, with supporting a system expand and interconnection.

Hardware platform is the physical foundation of tectonic and advanced and economic application system, because the type selecting of this hardware platform is a key. When type selecting, it is the advanced sex from the system, mature to answer gender, practical, dependability and but expansibility sets out, integrated above consideration and the following patulous element, the fund condition that considers the school at the same time (do not purchase storage equipment temporarily) , demand is as follows:

* supports operating system of Redhat Linux 9
* is powerfulMemoryPatulous ability
* is powerfulHard diskPatulous space
The IO with powerful * handles ability
* double net gets stuck, internal demand thousand aether net
* has a variety of high measure of reliability, system redundant, power supply is redundant, good medicinal powder hot
The after service with good * and technology support

2, the account that chooses NL380

1, stability moves and the technology is ensured
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