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Eliminate " information Gu island " , implementation turns management subtly
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Eliminate " information Gu island " , implementation is changed subtly manage

[get together outstanding net solution] eliminate " information Gu island " , implementation turns management subtly on December 1, 2004, china unlocked wholesale business of print of books and newspaper again to foreign capital Wu, this is China the market is published to open to the outside world after joining World Trade Organization the 2nd pace that steps. China publishs market pattern to recombining, future is full of be concerned about. Face come from domestic and international market competition and increasingly austere live pressure, shandong province publishs total company to be in the undertaking management is a target be refininged in order to implement spirit 2 informatization construction of in an orderly way, aim to eliminate information Gu island through conformity of systematic natural resources, optimize management, the core competition ability in building its to compete in the market thereby.

"Information Gu island " make optimize management to step forward for difficult
Shandong province publishs total company (total company of the following abbreviation) it is collect editor, presswork, issue, goods and materials is supplied, scientific research teachs the large publication group at an organic whole, mutual directly under 2 class unit 21, include 5 12 professional presses, directly under to presswork among them factory, and Shandong saves province of Xin Huashu inn, Shandong to presswork company of goods and materials, scope of business enclothes publication industry to make up, imprint, hair, for, trade is total link.

Through old effort, each link of catenary of total company property basically built his OLTP business to run a system, preliminary realized information of industrial unit interior to interrelate, resource is shared. But develop of the elapse as time, business ceaselessly, run a system in the business of each industrial units dispersedly gradually group information resource piece break up interior information is shared and information exchange comes true hard, formed each to close relatively from this " information Gu island " , and restricted the optimizing of total company badly manage.

Face increasingly intense market competition environment, total company is pressing need is integrated resource of dominant position of each estate unit, compose builds system of information of a high-powered business management, eliminate " information Gu island " , realize resource of group interior information to share thereby, convenience group controller " at any time and place " get crucial information in order to reduce decision-making risk.

First " quantity body " , refine construction target
Combinative group future develops the strategy, through the research of careful, group of total company informatization put forward to build to aim to use existing informatization resource effectively, can get used to prospective group business to expand demand " the multimedia that is based on Web publishs integrated business system " . Its are specific the target is:
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