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Dawn western case of the first 64 base application
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Dawn western case of the first 64 base application

[get together outstanding net solution] dawn western case of the first 64 base application"Xi'an is handed in big demonstrative base of 64 computational application "

Long-range education has become an a country, area, it is whole society even, respective education and a kind of the most fundamental way that lifelong study and method. China has had 1.3 billion population now, but on the whole for, the enter a school of advanced education is led, return to the rate of enter a school of high school very far insufficient. How to raise level of record of formal schooling, it is important to represent an ideology to 3 namely actually a when fulfil specific action and method.

Institute of network of Xi'an traffic university held water 2001, be engaged in project of contemporary and long-range education technically carrying out work with each. The main train of thought that network institute builds, it is base oneself upon western, face countrywide along with abroad, implement long-range education. In last few years, institute of network of Xi'an traffic university assumed the research of 14 countries task to develop the work from the technology. The long-range education system of network institute is the long-range education system that is based on net of heaven and earth. This system serves as setting, specific content joins our state namely the current situation of the demand of contemporary and long-range education and fundamental information establishment, the target uses the method of satellite and area network to begin long-range education namely.

The breakthrough bottleneck of long-range education

Long-range education is faced with a very crucial question how to solve great data bulk namely, also namely the storage problem of huge natural resources. Cite a case, a teacher, a moment ago told the class of a hour on screen, cong Mou plants among them data bulk on degree for, be equivalent to the smooth dish of a piece of VCD. These CD data put the ability on the server to let everybody share only, so the server provides the platform that shares to a of everybody, a foundation. Without the server, data does not have a law to share, cannot produce effect. The network learns the large-scale data bulk in long-range education, had adopted now a few very advanced compress a method, the tax that a piece of CD can deposit near 20 hours data. But as a whole, network institute opened 8 major, a major has 30 classes at least, 8 major are taking on 339 courses, at least 229, 229 classes every class at least 559 class hour, rely on CD is insoluble problem only. So the method of exclusive effective is to use a server, and the intercurrent visit that must want to be able to support a large number of users. Network institute has three sites in the whole nation now, share more than 3000 people to enter study, there still are near 40 thousand students inside school, the demand that how will deal with this kind of large-scale student is a very serious problem. So the function of the server, action is mixed position, begin in what we teach remotely in the center have very important sense. Each sites that the server passes this network to send resource to the whole nation namely perhaps send student hand in.
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