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Tianjin university server uses successful case
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Tianjin university server uses a success case

[get together outstanding net solution] Tianjin university server uses successful case

Tianjin university is university of key of country of directly under of Ministry of Education, having long history and good convention, it is China latter-day the first university. As the renown school that has on hundred years history----Tianjin university is advancing informatization construction to go up to having transcendental vision as much, existing campus net construction is already fruitful, the equipment in becoming Tianjin city each college is phyletic the most all ready, condition best, function the campus net with most user of the most perfect, network. End at present, the amount of user of this school network has exceeded 6000, user gross occupies first place of Tianjin city each college, net of scientific research of Yo of the state religion in regarding as (Cernet) those who be in Tianjin area advocate node, net of Tianjin college campus receives Cernet with 155M, it is whole town each college to offer again next receive a service, transmission rate of its main force is as high as 1Gbps, data exchanges gross to exceed 200G.

Net of Tianjin college campus is a star - annulus mixes model net of thousand main force, cover floor of dormitory of building of all and main education, scientific research, office and partial student. Trunk net used high speed switching equipment, integrated wiring was made with the way that proposes in all between Lou Yu, deserve to one arrive in every student dormitory interface of net of 4 hundred aether, offer hundred to the desktop receive a service, assured campus net user can of unobstructed accept campus web; Be aimed at pedagogic user, used the data of cable of cable television coaxial that is based on S-CDMA to transmit a technology, those who offer 8.19M is two-way in receiving rate to be in the home, get online. Face framework of so giant a network, the network has been the informatization application that wants contented and regular job, study not only, he is assuming the main responsibility of network operation even.

In the computer room of the network center of Tianjin university, we can see apparent two large area: Division of network layout equipment and server area. Inside server zone, have bear the weight of the server of function of WEB, EMAIL, FTP, the archives on net of university of Tianjin of the " of management information system of educational administration of " undergraduate students that also includes to run long-range education, " releases " of system of financial management of systematic " , " , " research is acoustics reach scientific research of administrative system " , " to manage obtain employment of undergraduate students of systematic " , " to run the application such as systematic " , still have a large number of is in even the server with Tianjin mandatory university. Fewer not the plan cost server that is core to powerful processor by the adoption of spaceflight couplet annals and Tianjin university joint development, it manages with the operation that goes easily superior performance, simply, super- strong but the campus net that expansibility is Tianjin university is perfected, also laid solid foundation to realize the operation gain of the network.
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