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Website of " of red star of auroral group " uses case
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Case of application of website of " of red star of auroral group "

[get together outstanding net solution] website of " of red star of auroral group " uses case

Regard cadre of Hunan Province Party member as the portal website of contemporary and long-range education- - website of " of Hunan " red star, ask advanced, function stabilizes technology of platform of network of this one information, run fast, safety, have good open sex and expansibility. Construction of system is a center with platform of network of information of website of " of " red star, high speed link assigns a station to town city, complete province uses uniform domain name, implementation saves unifinication completely, and each other of interconnection of website of contemporary and as can long-range as cadre of countrywide Party member education is connected, utmost ground realizes resource to share.

Program go ahead of the rest:

"Website of red star " is center of news of a market, study directive, groom center the information platform at an organic whole, use this one website, can make Party member cadre is passed the network is in the home or real time, blame makes real time study and groom in the unit, can realize study resource order programme, answer doubt, coach, read news, download, upload to the study such as the data communicates and get information resource.

To the requirement of this website, want to have the catholicity of website of general government portal already, want to have constituent system to develop the specialty of contemporary and long-range education to Party member cadre again. Because many multimedia application exists in the system, systematic construction must undertake whole plans, make unified construction plan and executive opinion, in a planned way, cent measure undertakes, progressively and perfect. What only such ability make sure the system is built is successional with expansibility, it is normal to ensure systematic building is the following use. The program should have certain flexibility, can develop according to the technology and use development case, level sex ground undertakes whole is adjusted, make more the need that accords with actual application. The principle is wraparound for: "Make overall plans, cent pace is carried out, economy is practical, stabilize reliable " .

"" of dibble seeding, alternant, direct seeding 3 interactive:

"Website of red star " is located in outstanding video characteristic surely, information of picture of give attention to two or morethings, character, can be opposite inside same time the cadre of Party member of vast rural area of different space undertakes type of " order programme, seesaw pattern and " of type of spot direct seeding are taught, the course is built ceaselessly and perfect, make its are become stage by stage assist gay of Party member cadre by contemporary and long-range education education platform. Its are main the function is as follows:

One, function of video order programme
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