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HP UNIX: ID of user of Ackdoor of suddenly Ping 狟
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Do not need Backdoor user ID

Problem description

On our V Class server, a name is the entry ID of "deamon" , its user ID is 0. I take-overed recently the administrator of this server works, but did not remember founding this to login.
This is HP-UX server must / commonly used entry, if not be, what does it make use?

Configure information

HP-UX 11.00
Model V2250

Means of settlement

This logs onto ID is not indispensible, also do not get support, probable install by former systematic manager, its purpose is to want those who found to have Root limits of authority ' Backdoor ' user. Have user of Root of a backup no wonder, but should not use this user, because it becomes safe hole very easily.

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Backdoor User ID Not Needed
Problem Description

There Is A Login ID Called "deamon" That Is Present On Our V Class Server, withA User ID Of Zero. I Have Recently Taken Over Admin Of This Box And Don ' TRecall Creating This Login.
Is This A Required/typical Login For The HP-UXBoxes And If So, what Is It Used For?
Configuration Info

HP-UX 11.00
I am sorry, the ability after you need to login examines all and detailed content