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HP UNIX: Gentle of Mian 觧 File develops the effect of parameter of cache of are
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Increase the influence of parameter of cache of high speed of Nfile and buffer

Problem description

Can we reduce the "sys Mem" of the report in Glance?

What to increase parameter of cache of high speed of Nfile and buffer to have to affect to memory?

Configure information
HP-UX 11.11

Means of settlement

1) Sys Mem does not have the parameter that can configure to Sys Mem. Kernel and systematic watch are located in in Sys Mem. But can can configure Kernel parameter through decreasing, because this is OK also,reduce them accordingly. If have lesser value, systematic watch may decrease. For example, if the value of Nfile is lesser, express medium Nfile entry in the system likelihood
Meet less, make systematic watch lesser thereby.

The influence that increases Nfile to put internally is below 2) Nfile:

Go up in 32 systems - every Nfile entry takes up 56 byte.
Go up in 64 systems - every Nfile entry takes up 88 byte.

If the system did not encounter problems of any "file Table Full" , should not raise a very big cost.

Parameter is running all processes to open the amount of the file on Nfile control system. Although every entry is opposite lesser, but there also can be expense of a few Kernel when running this list. Additional, when opening a file every time, it can use up an entry in Nfile, although this file has been opened by another process,also be such. One already is indexed by what program of Cobol file processing opens the file can use up two Nfile entry.

When Nfile entry is gone, can mix in Console / or a wrong message displays in Syslog wrong message, make clear "File Table Full" technically. This value should compare the big 10-25% of the largest amount when peak value bear normally. The user restriction that opens a file is set by Kernel parameter Maxfiles. This is by stiff restriction parameter Maxfiles_lim pilot is worth one, value of the limitation below acquiescent circumstance is 2048.

Cache of 3) buffer high speed.

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