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HP UNIX:DAttributive of CE Preauth catalog prevents Dced to start
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Attributive of DCE Preauth catalog prevents Dced to start

Problem description

Reason of the what when the attempt configures Dce Cell brings about produced following and wrong message:

ERROR: Dced -i Failed To Start. Continuing WillReturn To The Main Menu.
Press To Continue, CTRL-C To Exit:

Configure information

HPUX-OS 11.00DCE B.11.00

Means of settlement

Here, catalog ' / Var/opt/dce/security/preauth ' attributive is incorrect.
The droit of Preauth catalog and attributive should be: Drwx- - X- - X 2 Root Root 1024 Oct 16 20:51 Preauth

If so insoluble problem, try following command:
"Dced -p" , executive "dced -i" will keep clear of and found Dced catalog afresh next.

Setting information:

Through analysing the state code in Fatal.log, discovered following and wrong message:

$ Cat /var/opt/dce/svc/fatal.log:
I am sorry, the ability after you need to login examines all and detailed content