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HP UNIX: Alignment of message of PC of 覫 of Suo of coil up short for Weihe Rive
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How to monitor IPC message alignment

Problem description

How to monitor from the system IPC message alignment?

Configure information
Operating system - HP-UX
Subsystem - SYS ADM

Means of settlement
Want resource of alignment of message of surveillant System V IPC, use "ipcs -qa" order normally
Compare with photograph of following kernel parameter:

MSGMAP [max Number Of Message Map Entries]
MSGMAX [Message Maximum Size (bytes) ]
MSGMNB [Max Number Of Bytes On Message Q]
MSGMNI [Number Of Message Q Identifiers]
MSGSEG [Nr Of Segments Available For Msgs]
MSGSSZ [Message Segment Size]
MSGTQL [Number Of Message Headers]

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How To Monitor The IPC Message Queue
Problem Description

How Can The IPC Message Queue Be Monitored From The System?
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