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HP UNIX:SEndmail server cannot be started
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Sendmail server cannot be started and SENDMAIL_SERVER = 1

Problem description

The attempt is used ' / Sbin/init.d/sendmail Start ' the command starts Sendmail.
The system after the command moves gives out following mistake:

Sendmail Server Is Disabled
You Cannot Start It Manually Using Sendmail Script

Configure informationS700/s80010.x/11.x

Means of settlement
Try following measure Qing Dynasty to eliminate an error:

1.Editor / Etc/rc.config.d/mailservs:

Will: Export SENDMAIL_SERVER = 0
Change for: Export SENDMAIL_SERVER = 1

2.Will change save / Etc/rc.config.d/mailservs

3.' / Sbin/init.d/sendmail Start '

If still receive erroneous information. . . . .

Ask an examination to be used at backup "mailservs" file / Etc/rc.config.d catalog.

This catalog is put in file of two "mailservs" backup. Delete a file, move next
I am sorry, the ability after you need to login examines all and detailed content