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HP UNIX:SG cannot initialization is locked up dish
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Problem description

The meeting when to a Cluster that has 2 node executive "cmcheckconf -v -C Cmcluster.ascii " commands produces following and wrong message:

Error: First Cluster Lock Volume Group /dev/vglock Needs To Be Designated As ACluster Aware Volume Group. Cmcheckconf: Unable To Verify Cluster File: Cmcluster.ascii.


Cluster locks up dish of PV (to never had been used before) found by Pvcreate/vgcreate,
That is to say this Cluster locks up dish of VG (vglock) to be comprised by a PV only.

This VG itself all is installed on two node correct.
It is normal that Cmcheckconf commands the examination configures a file to go up, did not discover any errors.
But Cmapplyconf reported these are wrong message:

Error: Volume Group /dev/vglock Must Be Activated.
Error: Unable To Initialize Cluster Lock /dev/dsk/c5t13d0 On Node Kpu02.

Check The Syslog File On That Node For More Information. Cmapplyconf: Unable To Apply The Configuration

. . . Syslog reported following content:

Mar 21 15:17:16 Kpu02 CM-CMD[24894] : Cmapplyconf -v -f -C Cmclconf.ascii

Mar 21 15:17:19 Kpu02 Vmunix: NOTICE: PFIL: Cannot Find Interface For Q
I am sorry, the ability after you need to login examines all and detailed content