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HP UNIX: Does coil up call the output file of Yslogd of 鱯 of rice of bake in a
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The conduit that how names uses as the output file of Syslogd?

Problem description

The conduit that how names uses as the output file of Syslogd?
Any restriction that whether are put in us to should understand?

Means of settlement

Syslogd(1M) is a tiring-room process that is used at recording systematic information.
These systematic informations can produce by any other programs of interface of library of use Syslog (3C) .

Syslogd(1M) support uses document of a configuration, systematic manager can configure the demonstrate in the file what to use to output a file to record systematic information in this. Although this outputs a file to be a on disk common file normally, but have a few requests, the requirement uses named conduit to replace common document. Although Syslogd(1M) code allows systematic manager to appoint a named conduit as output file, but the both neither of this kind of configuration of Syslogd(1M) recommends not official also support. Main reason is this kind of configuration not be very reliable, may be opposite for the process that records important system information very adverse.

Specific for, use named conduit to may cause the does not want case of the description in following plan as the output file of Syslogd(1M) :

- before Syslogd(1M) opens order pipeline, must a process opens this to name conduit (in / ) of the configuration in Etc/syslog.conf, otherwise it won't receive any data from Syslogd(1M) . This kind of circumstance can bring about Syslogd(1M) happening block.

- if read the course that takes this to name conduit,shut, when Syslogd(1M) tries to keep data to this conduit, the case that meeting occurrence Syslogd(1M) may end.

- when Syslogd(1M) gets SIGHUP signal, it can read the configuration document that takes it afresh. As the one part of this process, it can shut current output file, open next (likelihood) a few new output documents that in configuring a file, appoint. Any from the conduit that names conduit to read extraction course to need possibly to open this to name afresh as what output a file, accept a word in order to continue.

- for love or money, when Syslogd(1M) to name conduit to write fashionable, syslogd meeting backwater comes down, await it to arrive of this conduit write finish. When Syslogd(1M) backwater, it may lose an information, because it is read from Kernel message buffer no longer,take. Syslogd(1M) to name conduit (/ Dev/log) is written may make its are full of, cause the delay of the program that calls Syslog(3C) thereby, and when should inputting conduit to be full of (likelihood) missing message.

- when application the program is in from naming conduit to read access to occupy break down, may bring about Syslogd(1M) break down.

- will name conduit to appoint the output that is Syslogd(1M) when us when the file, still should notice a few a few other content.

Although HP does not suggest to use,name conduit, but when you true must will name conduit to use as when the output file of Syslogd, should know afore-mentioned limitation, return the case that must configure applied process correctly to anticipate in order to avoid any blame.
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