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HP UNIX: Coil up not labial ǘ chirp?2766 subdirectory?
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How to found 32766 over subdirectory?

Problem description
When the attempt founds 32766 over subdirectory, received following and erroneous information
Mkdir Cannot Create [Directory_Name] : Too Many Links

How to raise this 32766 limitation?

Means of settlement
The amount of the subdirectory that can found currently is in by limitation LINK_MAX.
Had added to be able to adjust parameter newly for VxFS (VX_MAXLINK) now,
This parameter can allow this number to change any values between LINK_MAX and INT_MAX.
If do not install this to be able to adjust parameter, should be restricted to be worth still is LINK_MAX.

The maximum of current VX_MAXLINK is set into 65534. Already undertook with higher cost
test, but discovery can bring about other issue.

Special note:

1.Ask an attention, the subdirectory that founds plurality quantity or file may affect systematic performance badly.
2.After installing requires patch process, the system supports VX_MAXLINK, but you cannot be passed
SAM undertakes changing to its. You must the hand is moved change, next new form establishs this kernel parameter
(Consult please undermentioned measure) .

Necessary patch process

- PHCO_27375 Cumulative SAM/ObAM Patch
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