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How to go up in equipment file permanent setting attributive.

Problem description

Be in in the attempt / Dev/fd0 equipment file (droit of group of the setting on Device File) ,
But, after guiding afresh, attributive and droit change return acquiescent value.

Means of settlement

Below acquiescent circumstance, the operating system can be in when the system guides afresh, be checked every time and correct the attributive of equipment file and droit. This is the function of the operating system, do not answer its to undertake modification. But, if somebody still wants to make droit / limits of authority is different, should be opposite file / Etc/rc.sysinit undertakes corresponding modification.

For example, should change / the group droit of Dev/fd0, make its show for ' Sys ' , be in please
/ Etc/rc.sysinit adds content of be issued to lower levels finally:

/ Bin/chgrp Sys /dev/fd0

(The End)

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